How would you like over a MILLION people to see your brand this year?

Billy Werth Airshows has several opportunities for sponsorship at many different levels. From “in-kind” sponsorships for materials and gear to full blown, get your name on the plane and bike type sponsorships.

With everything that Billy Werth Airshows is doing, between the Airshows which pulls in over a million eyeballs a season coupled with all the media attention we get, to the Training School & Ultimate Rides. The cost per impression for a sponsorship with Grayout is unmatched.


Our Sponsors


And a special thanks to the photographers who have donated time and services to help us grow. We hope your portfolio has benefited from us as much as we have from you!

  • John Fleck Photography – Full-time commercial, corporate, industrial and location photographer (Still and Video). Seriously, one of the best in the business. (visit website)
  • Brian Mensing – Our buddy in Georgia. Up and coming photographer. Thanks for the shots!
  • Gwen Rower – For your direction, we wouldn’t have gotten what we did with out ya!
    You ROCK! (visit website)